Problems with WinCD

If you have problems regarding WinCD, first of all verify that you have the newest version installed. Then you can have a look at the [forum]. Perhaps the problem is there already discussed with an appropriate solution. If not either post you problem to the forum, use this [contact form] or just write an e-mail to

The problem report should contain as many data as possible:

  1. Used operating system
  2. Moment where error occurs (immediately after program start, after clicking on Play, ...)
  3. Exact error message
  4. Possibly the error report of WinCD (in case of crash)

The more details you provide the better you can be helped.

Problems with the order

You ordered WinCD and want to view details regarding your order? You have questions regarding order, payment or delivery? You will find the answers in the [share-it! customer service] section.

Request Key

If you lost your key, please fill in this [form] online or send your name via e-mail to Then you'll get your key as soon as possible.

Newsletter Subscription:

Here you can subscribe to/unsubscribe the [Newsletter]. The newsletter will inform you as soon as new information about WinCD is available.


WinCD is very easily extendable through its plug-In system. Developers should therefore read the information about the [plug-Ins].


Here you find information about [ASPI]. ASPI ist eine driver for SCSI-/IDE devices. In WinCD ASPI is only used in Win 9x/ME to communicate with CD-ROM drives.