Information about ASPI

ASPI stands for Advanced SCSI Programming Interface and was developed by Adaptec ( ASPI is a hardware driver which is used by most of the programs which have to commuicate with harddisks or CD-ROM drives directly. ASPI can not only handle SCSI but also IDE/ATAPI, USB and Firewire devices.

For CD playback and grabbing with WinCD under Windows 9X/ME there must also be an ASPI driver installed. In Windows 9X/ME an ASPI driver is already integrated, but you should install the newest version from Adaptec to avoid problems.

Under Windows NT/2000/XP you don't need an ASPI driver for WinCD.

The new ASPI drivers from Adaptec since version 4.70 work only under Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP. I recommend installing this driver under Windows 98/ME. The installation under Windows NT/2000/XP is only necessary if you experience any problem during CD playback or grabbing.

Because the setup program which Adaptec provides for their ASPI driver, is very complicated, I wrote a new setup which doesn't need any user input. This program installs the original Adaptec ASPI driver. If you want to install ASPI via the original Adaptec setup you can download it from the [Adaptec-Website].
Unfortunately the new driver doesn't support Windows 95 any more. For this OS you must install the old ASPI driver in version 4.60.

In some systems the Adaptec ASPI driver doesn't detects all devices. It has problems with external devices which are connected via Firewire, USB or Parallelport interface and also with some IDE RAID adapters. In this case you should install the ASPI driver developed by [Nero], the company which developed Nero Burning ROM.
To install this driver under Windows 9X/ME just run the self-extracting executable file and read the readme file. Instead of copying wnaspi32.dll to the Nero installation folder, copy it to the WinCD installation folder.
Under Windows NT/2000/XP just copy the wnaspi32.dll to the WinCD installation folder.

You find the links to the downloads of the ASPI driver under [Download]!