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freedb is a CD title database which currently contains data from over 1.500.000 CDs.


Ogg Vorbis

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Ogg Vorbis is an audio compression format which is much better at low bitrates compared to MP3.



WinCD contains the MP3 encoder LAME, which is especially fast and has a outstandanding sound quality


Main functions


WinCD is a multimedia player which can play back MP3s, CDs, Wave, WMA and Ogg Vorbis files. The software has a pitch control, with which you can set the playback speed. WinCD can grab digital audio from CD, which is also called DAE (Digital Audio Extraction). With this function you can digitally copy tracks from a CD without any losses of quality. You can save these tracks as a wave or as a mp3 file. Because all newer CD-ROM drives support reading digital audio with up to 40x-speed, this copy method is many times faster than other copy methods. Almost all CD-ROM drives are supported with various different reading modes.

With WinCD the play back is completely digital, too. That means that your CD-ROM drive doesn't have to be connected with your sound card. The quality is also much better than in other software players.

The new plug-in system in WinCD makes it very simple to support new audio formats. Up till now there are plug-ins for CDs, MP3, Wave, WMA and Ogg Vorbis files. The plug-in interface is documented, so that you can extend WinCD for your own purposes. Interested programmers should have a look into the [Support] section for more information.

WinCD supports the CD database freedb and ID3 tags. That means that WinCD can display additional information regarding the title, for example the artist, the year when the title was released etc. Instead of just displaying"Track 01" for a CD track, WinCD shows the artist as well as the title of the track, e.g. "Linkin Park - One Step Closer". Today freedb contains the data of more than 1.200.000 CDs, so almost every CD can be found there.

Although the software has many features, it has an easy-to-understand user interface.

This program is shareware! You can [download WinCD here] for free, but every 15 seconds you hear a sound that reminds you of registering. The registered version costs 15.-US$ or 15.- €. Of course this version has no restrictions! You find more information under [Buy].

[Here] you can find some review results of WinCD.