Some files are downloadable from more than one server. They are completely identical and can be downloaded from both of them. All files are scanned for viruses! Zip files can be extracted with WinZip or any other decompression software, the Exe files can be directly executed. WinZip can be downloaded for free from [here].

Just click on the servername to download the file.

Other Languages

The languages English, German and French are already included in the demo version of WinCD and don't need to be downloaded seperately.

File Version Size Date Description Language Server 2.71 17 KB 02/15/04 Spanish language file for WinCD 2.71. Spanish [WinCD] (obsolete) 2.71 43 KB 02/04/04 Italian language file for WinCD 2.71. Italian [WinCD]

Read the enclosed readme.txt on how to install these language files. Some of them might be not complete yet. Some parts may still be in English.