Some files are downloadable from more than one server. They are completely identical and can be downloaded from both of them. All files are scanned for viruses! Zip files can be extracted with WinZip or any other decompression software, the Exe files can be directly executed. WinZip can be downloaded for free from [here].

Just click on the servername to download the file.

ASPI Drivers

ASPI is a hardware driver provides an interface for direct communication with hard disks and CD-ROM drives. You need the ASPI driver for the playback of CDs and grabbing digital audio with WinCD under Windows 9X/ME. These systems already contain an ASPI driver, but it is obsolete now. Therefore you can download the newest version here. For WinCD under Windows NT/2000/XP an ASPI driver is optional. More information under [ASPI]. 

File Version Size Date Description Language Server
ASPI4712-Install.exe 4.71.2 292 KB 02/15/03 ASPI driver from [Adaptec] with simplified setup
(only for Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP, not for Windows 95)
aspi32.exe 4.60 281 KB 11/15/99 ASPI driver from [Adaptec] for Windows 95 English [Adaptec]
NeroASPIdt.exe 96 KB 04/05/00 ASPI driver from [Nero] for Windows 9X/ME
(copy wnaspi32.dll in WinCD installation folder)
German [Nero]
NeroASPIen.exe English [Nero]
NeroASPIfr.exe French [Nero]
wnaspi32.dll 160 KB Unknown ASPI driver from [Nero] for Windows NT/2000/XP
(copy wnaspi32.dll in WinCD installation folder)
neutral [Nero]

Windows Media Format 9.0 Update

To use the Windows Media Audio (WMA) plug-in for WinCD, you must have installed either Windows Media Player since version 9.0 or this update. The setup normally downloads and installs this update automatically if required. Only if this fails for any reason, you have to install this update manually and then install WinCD again.

File Version Size Date Description Language Server
wmfdist.exe 9.0 3991 KB 10/28/02 Microsoft Windows Media Format 9.0 Update
(only for Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, not suitable for Windows 95/98 and NT)
English [WinCD]

Don't install this update, if you have Sound Forge 5.0 installed. Otherwise in Sound Forge occurs an error when you export a sound file to Windows Media Format!


You can download the newest DirectX version from Microsoft at []. You only need to install this if you experience any sound problems during playback. However it is never wrong to have the newest version of DirectX installed.

HTML Help Viewer Update

If the help file from WinCD can't be displayed, you must install the help viewer update. Therefore you have to download the file hhupd.exe. You don't need to install this, if the help file is displayed correctly. This update is only for Windows NT/95!

File Version Size Date Description Language Server
hhupd.exe 1.40 736 KB 03/15/03 HTML Help Viewer Update (only for Windows NT 4.0/95) English [Microsoft]