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WinCD is shareware. This means you can download WinCD for free and test it on your computer with some limitations, before you buy it. If you bought WinCD you are a so called registered user. Then you can activate the trial version of WinCD with your personal key, you'll get via e-mail.

Advantages of the registration

If you register/buy the software you have the following advantages over using the trial version of WinCD:


To register the program, first download the newest version of WinCD, which can be found under [Download], and install it by doubleclicking on wincd.exe. After the installation just start WinCD via Start->Programs->WinCD. It automatically opens a window, where you can click on "Register via ShareIT". Then you will be redirected to the order page of WinCD.

Alternatively you can start the [order here].

You can choose between payment via transfer, credit card (Eurocard, Visa, American Express) and cash or check respectively. As soon as your payment has arrived (by transaction via credit card immediately otherwise within 3-5 days), you'll get your personal key via e-mail . This key is only valid for you! You have to enter the key and your name in WinCD and then you'll use WinCD without any restrictions.

The ordering process is done by share-it!. This company has a long experience in e-commerce. Because the communication with the order pages is done via SSL, the highest security level is ensured. If you have any problems concerning the order have a look at the [share-it! customer service]..


The key you'll get is only valid for you. You are not allowed to give it to third parties. The key can be used for every installation of WinCD and therefore you should preserve it well. If you lost your key, just request it again via this [form] online. Then you'll get your key again via e-mail within a few days.

share-it! customer service

You ordered WinCD and want to view details regarding your order? You have questions regarding order, payment or delivery? You will find the answers in the [share-it! customer service] section.